Replacement Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV7-7001EM, Envy DV7-7351ER, TPN-W108
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Replacement Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV7-7001EM, Envy DV7-7351ER, TPN-W108

  • Product SKU: BAT-HP-MO06-01
  • Category: ALL, Laptop Batteries
    • Battery rating: 11.1V
    • Battery capacity: (48Wh)
    • Type: rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery
    • Battery color: BLACK
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Rs. 3,499.00
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  • Battery rating: 11.1V
  • Battery capacity: (48Wh)
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery
  • Battery color: BLACK


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Envy DV6-7290EX

Envy DV7-7350SW


Pavilion DV7-7000SE
DV4-5000 Envy DV6-7290SF Envy DV7-7351ER M6-1148CA Pavilion DV7-7000SG
DV4-5002TX Envy DV6-7290SX Envy DV7-7352ER M6-1207TX Pavilion DV7-7000SM
DV4-5004TX Envy DV6-7291SF Envy DV7-7353ER M7-1015DX Pavilion DV7-7000SX
DV4-5006TX Envy DV6-7292NR Envy DV7-7353SR NVYDV6 Pavilion DV7-7001EG
DV4-5009TX Envy DV6-7295CA Envy DV7-7354ER Pavilion DM6 Series Pavilion DV7-7001EM
DV4-5011TX Envy DV6-7295EX Envy DV7-7355ER Pavilion DM6T Series Pavilion DV7-7001ER
DV4-5014TX Envy DV6-7295SX Envy DV7-7355SR Pavilion DV4-5000 Pavilion DV7-7001ET
DV4-5016TX Envy DV6-7299SF Envy DV7-7358CA Pavilion DV4-5000 Series Pavilion DV7-7001EV
DV4-5020TX Envy DV6-7300 CTO Envy DV7-7360SF Pavilion DV4-5001TU Pavilion DV7-7001SG
DV4-5060LA Envy DV6-7300EA Envy DV7-7361EF Pavilion DV4-5002TX Pavilion DV7-7001SM
DV4-5099 Envy DV6-7300EE Envy DV7-7370EF Pavilion DV4-5003TX Pavilion DV7-7001SQ
DV4-5101TX Envy DV6-7300EO Envy DV7-7373CA Pavilion DV4-5004TX Pavilion DV7-7001SR
DV6-7000 Envy DV6-7300EP Envy DV7-7380EB Pavilion DV4-5005TX Pavilion DV7-7001ST
DV6-7000EJ Envy DV6-7300ET Envy DV7-7380EF Pavilion DV4-5006TX Pavilion DV7-7002ED
DV6-7000SQ Envy DV6-7300EX Envy DV7-7384EZ Pavilion DV4-5007TU Pavilion DV7-7002EG
DV6-7000SY Envy DV6-7300SA Envy DV7-7385EG Pavilion DV4-5008TX Pavilion DV7-7002EL
DV6-7001EV Envy DV6-7300SL Envy DV7-7386EZ Pavilion DV4-5009TX Pavilion DV7-7002ER
DV6-7001TX Envy DV6-7300SP Envy DV7-7387ER Pavilion DV4-5010TX Pavilion DV7-7002SP
DV6-7002EV Envy DV6-7300SS Envy DV7-7387SR Pavilion DV4-5011TX Pavilion DV7-7002SR
DV6-7002ST Envy DV6-7300ST Envy DV7-7389EL Pavilion DV4-5012TX Pavilion DV7-7003
DV6-7002TX Envy DV6-7301AX Envy DV7-7390EB Pavilion DV4-5014TX Pavilion DV7-7003EO
DV6-7003EM Envy DV6-7301EL Envy DV7-7390EF Pavilion DV4-5015TX Pavilion DV7-7003EP
DV6-7003SM Envy DV6-7301EO Envy DV7-7390EL Pavilion DV4-5016TX Pavilion DV7-7003ER
DV6-7003SP Envy DV6-7301ES Envy DV7-7390EZ Pavilion DV4-5018TX Pavilion DV7-7003ES
DV6-7003TX Envy DV6-7301EX Envy DV7-7391SF Pavilion DV4-5019TX Pavilion DV7-7003SP
DV6-7004ES Envy DV6-7301SF Envy DV7-7392EF Pavilion DV4-5020TX Pavilion DV7-7003SS
DV6-7004SS Envy DV6-7301SS Envy DV7-7395EZ Pavilion DV4-5021TX Pavilion DV7-7003TX
DV6-7005SP Envy DV6-7301TU Envy DV7-7397EL Pavilion DV4-5060LA Pavilion DV7-7003XX
DV6-7005TX Envy DV6-7301TX Envy DV7-7398CA Pavilion DV4-5099 Pavilion DV7-7004ER
DV6-7008TX Envy DV6-7302AX Envy DV7-7399EF Pavilion DV4-5099 Series Pavilion DV7-7004SL
DV6-7010EO Envy DV6-7302EG Envy DV7-7399EL Pavilion DV4-5100 CTO Pavilion DV7-7005EO
DV6-7010TX Envy DV6-7302EO Envy DV7T-7200 Pavilion DV4-5101TU Pavilion DV7-7005ER
DV6-7011EO Envy DV6-7302ES Envy DV7T-7200 CTO Pavilion DV4-5101TX Pavilion DV7-7005SR
DV6-7012TX Envy DV6-7302SG Envy DV7T-7300 CTO Pavilion DV4-5102TU Pavilion DV7-7005TX
DV6-7014TX Envy DV6-7302SO Envy M4-1002XX Pavilion DV4-5102TX Pavilion DV7-7006ER
DV6-7017TX Envy DV6-7302TX Envy M4-1015DX Pavilion DV4-5103TU Pavilion DV7-7006SR
DV6-7019TX Envy DV6-7303AX Envy M4-1040LA Pavilion DV4-5103TX Pavilion DV7-7006SS
DV6-7020US Envy DV6-7303EF Envy M4-1045LA Pavilion DV4-5104TU Pavilion DV7-7006TX
DV6-7022TX Envy DV6-7303EO Envy M4-1050LA Pavilion DV4-5105TU Pavilion DV7-7007SS
DV6-7023TX Envy DV6-7303ES Envy M4-1115DX Pavilion DV4-5106TX Pavilion DV7-7007TX
DV6-7024TX Envy DV6-7303TU Envy M4-1150LA Pavilion DV4-5109TX Pavilion DV7-7008TX
DV6-7025TX Envy DV6-7303TX Envy M6-1100 Pavilion DV4-5110TX Pavilion DV7-7009ED
DV6-7027TX Envy DV6-7304AX Envy M6-1100 Series Pavilion DV4-5110US Pavilion DV7-7009TX
DV6-7030EO Envy DV6-7304EE Envy M6-1100ER Pavilion DV4-5111TX Pavilion DV7-7010US
DV6-7030SE Envy DV6-7304SE Envy M6-1100EX Pavilion DV4-5112TX Pavilion DV7-7011TX
DV6-7030TX Envy DV6-7304TX Envy M6-1100SR Pavilion DV4-5113CL Pavilion DV7-7012NR
DV6-7031TX Envy DV6-7305AX Envy M6-1100SX Pavilion DV4-5113TX Pavilion DV7-7012TX
DV6-7033TX Envy DV6-7305EE Envy M6-1101EK Pavilion DV4-5114TX Pavilion DV7-7015CA
DV6-7035TX Envy DV6-7305SE Envy M6-1101ER Pavilion DV4-5116TX Pavilion DV7-7020EC
DV6-7038TX Envy DV6-7305TX Envy M6-1101SG Pavilion DV4-5117TX Pavilion DV7-7020EO
DV6-7040SB Envy DV6-7306EE Envy M6-1101SO Pavilion DV4-5118TX Pavilion DV7-7020SG
DV6-7041TX Envy DV6-7306TX Envy M6-1101SR Pavilion DV4-5119TX Pavilion DV7-7020US
DV6-7043TX Envy DV6-7307TX Envy M6-1101TX Pavilion DV4-5120TX Pavilion DV7-7022EO
DV6-7045SZ Envy DV6-7308EE Envy M6-1102EA Pavilion DV4-5121TX Pavilion DV7-7023CL
DV6-7045TX Envy DV6-7308SE Envy M6-1102EIA Pavilion DV4-5122TX Pavilion DV7-7025DX
DV6-7050CA Envy DV6-7308TX Envy M6-1102EO Pavilion DV4-5123TX Pavilion DV7-7027CL
DV6-7050EZ Envy DV6-7309TX Envy M6-1102ER Pavilion DV4-5162LA Pavilion DV7-7030EI
DV6-7051ER Envy DV6-7309TX NOTEBOOK PC Envy M6-1102SA Pavilion DV4-5164LA Pavilion DV7-7030US
DV6-7051XX Envy DV6-7310TX Envy M6-1102SO Pavilion DV4-5200 Pavilion DV7-7035EZ
DV6-7052SR Envy DV6-7311EL Envy M6-1102SR Pavilion DV4-5306 Pavilion DV7-7035SZ
DV6-7053ER Envy DV6-7311SL Envy M6-1102TX Pavilion DV4T5100 CTO Pavilion DV7-7037EZ
DV6-7055ER Envy DV6-7311TX Envy M6-1103EE Pavilion DV4T-5100 CTO Pavilion DV7-7040EZ
DV6-7056ER Envy DV6-7312NR Envy M6-1103EO Pavilion DV6-6B00 Pavilion DV7-7044EO
DV6-7060SF Envy DV6-7312TX Envy M6-1103ER Pavilion DV6-7000 Pavilion DV7-7047CL
DV6-7060SW Envy DV6-7313TX Envy M6-1103ES Pavilion DV6-7000 CTO Pavilion DV7-7050EA
DV6-7062SF Envy DV6-7314TX Envy M6-1103SE Pavilion DV6-7000 Series Pavilion DV7-7050EB
DV6-7063SA Envy DV6-7315EL Envy M6-1103SO Pavilion DV6-70000 Pavilion DV7-7050SB
DV6-7070EF Envy DV6-7315TX Envy M6-1103SR Pavilion DV6-7000EE Pavilion DV7-7050SW
DV6-7070EW Envy DV6-7316EL Envy M6-1103SS Pavilion DV6-7000EJ Pavilion DV7-7051EA
DV6-7070SE Envy DV6-7316TX Envy M6-1103TX Pavilion DV6-7000EM Pavilion DV7-7051SW
DV6-7071SF Envy DV6-7317TX Envy M6-1104EA Pavilion DV6-7000SE Pavilion DV7-7051XX
DV6-7073CA Envy DV6-7318TX Envy M6-1104EE Pavilion DV6-7000SQ Pavilion DV7-7052EW
DV6-7077EO Envy DV6-7319TX Envy M6-1104EIA Pavilion DV6-7000SY Pavilion DV7-7052SW
DV6-7080EX Envy DV6-7320EL Envy M6-1104EO Pavilion DV6-7001AX Pavilion DV7-7057EZ
DV6-7080SE Envy DV6-7320TX Envy M6-1104ER Pavilion DV6-7001EM Pavilion DV7-7060EB
DV6-7084LA Envy DV6-7323CL Envy M6-1104ES Pavilion DV6-7001EV Pavilion DV7-7060SB
DV6-7090EF Envy DV6-7329NR Envy M6-1104SE Pavilion DV6-7001TU Pavilion DV7-7061EA
DV6-7090SF Envy DV6-7330EG Envy M6-1104SR Pavilion DV6-7001TX Pavilion DV7-7061SF
DV6-7099 Envy DV6-7331NR Envy M6-1104SS Pavilion DV6-7002AX Pavilion DV7-7062EA
DV6-7099EO Envy DV6-7331SA Envy M6-1104TX Pavilion DV6-7002ED Pavilion DV7-7063EA
DV6-7380EL Envy DV6-7335EG Envy M6-1105DX Pavilion DV6-7002EV Pavilion DV7-7064EA
DV6-8000 Envy DV6-7338US Envy M6-1105EC Pavilion DV6-7002SM Pavilion DV7-7065EF
DV6-8099 Envy DV6-7350EB Envy M6-1105EO Pavilion DV6-7002SS Pavilion DV7-7065SF
DV6T-7000 Envy DV6-7350EE Envy M6-1105ER Pavilion DV6-7002ST Pavilion DV7-7070EO
DV6T-7000C Envy DV6-7350ER Envy M6-1105SO Pavilion DV6-7002TU Pavilion DV7-7070EW
DV6T-8000 Envy DV6-7350EW Envy M6-1105TX Pavilion DV6-7002TX Pavilion DV7-7070EZ
DV6T-8000 CTO Envy DV6-7350SE Envy M6-1106ER Pavilion DV6-7003AX Pavilion DV7-7070SW
DV7-7000 Envy DV6-7350SL Envy M6-1106TX Pavilion DV6-7003EM Pavilion DV7-7071EF
DV7-7000EE Envy DV6-7350SW Envy M6-1107ER Pavilion DV6-7003ET Pavilion DV7-7071SF
DV7-7000EO Envy DV6-7351EL Envy M6-1107TX Pavilion DV6-7003SM Pavilion DV7-7072EW
DV7-7000EV Envy DV6-7351ER Envy M6-1108SS Pavilion DV6-7003SP Pavilion DV7-7072SW
DV7-7000SM Envy DV6-7351SL Envy M6-1108TX Pavilion DV6-7003SQ Pavilion DV7-7073CA
DV7-7001EG Envy DV6-7351SR Envy M6-1109TX Pavilion DV6-7003SS Pavilion DV7-7080EB
DV7-7001ER Envy DV6-7352EL Envy M6-1110EI Pavilion DV6-7003TU Pavilion DV7-7080EL
DV7-7001EV Envy DV6-7352ER Envy M6-1110EW Pavilion DV6-7003TX Pavilion DV7-7080EO
DV7-7001SR Envy DV6-7352SR Envy M6-1110SW Pavilion DV6-7003XX Pavilion DV7-7081EG
DV7-7002ED Envy DV6-7353ER Envy M6-1110TX Pavilion DV6-7004ES Pavilion DV7-7082EG
DV7-7002EL Envy DV6-7354ER Envy M6-1111TX Pavilion DV6-7004SS Pavilion DV7-7090EF
DV7-7003 Envy DV6-7356SE Envy M6-1112TX Pavilion DV6-7004TX Pavilion DV7-7090SF
DV7-7003ER Envy DV6-7357SE Envy M6-1113TX Pavilion DV6-7005EP Pavilion DV7-7099
DV7-7003SS Envy DV6-7360EW Envy M6-1114TX Pavilion DV6-7005SP Pavilion DV7-7099 Series
DV7-7003XX Envy DV6-7360SW Envy M6-1115TX Pavilion DV6-7005TX Pavilion DV7-7099EF
DV7-7004SL Envy DV6-7363CL Envy M6-1116TX Pavilion DV6-7006ED Pavilion DV7-7099EL
DV7-7005ER Envy DV6-7366EZ Envy M6-1117TX Pavilion DV6-7007TX Pavilion DV7-7099SF
DV7-7005SR Envy DV6-7367SZ Envy M6-1118TX Pavilion DV6-7008TX Pavilion DV7-7100EI
DV7-7006SS Envy DV6-7370EF Envy M6-1119TX Pavilion DV6-7009SS Pavilion DV7-7100SB
DV7-7006TX Envy DV6-7370SF Envy M6-1120EW Pavilion DV6-7009TX Pavilion DV7-7100SG
DV7-7008TX Envy DV6-7372EG Envy M6-1120SW Pavilion DV6-7010EJ Pavilion DV7-7101EG
DV7-7009TX Envy DV6-7373CA Envy M6-1120TX Pavilion DV6-7010EO Pavilion DV7-7102EA
DV7-7011TX Envy DV6-7374EF Envy M6-1125DX Pavilion DV6-7010SS Pavilion DV7-7102EI
DV7-7015CA Envy DV6-7375EZ Envy M6-1125EB Pavilion DV6-7010TX Pavilion DV7-7104EA
DV7-7020EC Envy DV6-7375SF Envy M6-1125SB Pavilion DV6-7010US Pavilion DV7-7105EG
DV7-7023CL Envy DV6-7376SF Envy M6-1130EB Pavilion DV6-7011EO Pavilion DV7-7106EI
DV7-7030EI Envy DV6-7377ER Envy M6-1130SB Pavilion DV6-7011TX Pavilion DV7-7107SP
DV7-7035SZ Envy DV6-7377EZ Envy M6-1140EC Pavilion DV6-7012TX Pavilion DV7-7110ET
DV7-7037EZ Envy DV6-7377SF Envy M6-1140SG Pavilion DV6-7013CL Pavilion DV7-7110ST
DV7-7044EO Envy DV6-7377SR Envy M6-1148 Pavilion DV6-7013TX Pavilion DV7-7115NR
DV7-7050SW Envy DV6-7380EB Envy M6-1148CA Pavilion DV6-7014NR Pavilion DV7-7121NR
DV7-7052EW Envy DV6-7380EL Envy M6-1150EB Pavilion DV6-7014TX Pavilion DV7-7126NR
DV7-7057EZ Envy DV6-7380ER Envy M6-1150ER Pavilion DV6-7015CA Pavilion DV7-7128NR
DV7-7060EB Envy DV6-7380EZ Envy M6-1150ET Pavilion DV6-7017TX Pavilion DV7-7133NR
DV7-7061EA Envy DV6-7380LA Envy M6-1150SA Pavilion DV6-7018TX Pavilion DV7-7134SZ
DV7-7062EA Envy DV6-7382LA Envy M6-1150SB Pavilion DV6-7019TX Pavilion DV7-7135EZ
DV7-7065SF Envy DV6-7385EL Envy M6-1150SS Pavilion DV6-7020SG Pavilion DV7-7135SZ
DV7-7070EW Envy DV6-7385EZ Envy M6-1150ST Pavilion DV6-7020TX Pavilion DV7-7135US
DV7-7070EZ Envy DV6-7390EF Envy M6-1151EO Pavilion DV6-7020US Pavilion DV7-7138EG
DV7-7073CA Envy DV6-7391EL Envy M6-1151ER Pavilion DV6-7022EO Pavilion DV7-7147SG
DV7-7080EB Envy DV6-7392EF Envy M6-1151SA Pavilion DV6-7022TX Pavilion DV7-7150ER
DV7-7090SF Envy DV6-7393EF Envy M6-1151SO Pavilion DV6-7023TX Pavilion DV7-7150SB
DV7-7099 Envy DV6-7398CA Envy M6-1151SR Pavilion DV6-7024EO Pavilion DV7-7157EZ
DV7-7099EL Envy DV6-7399EF Envy M6-1152ER Pavilion DV6-7024NR Pavilion DV7-7157SZ
DV7-7212NR Envy DV6T-7200 Envy M6-1153ER Pavilion DV6-7024TX Pavilion DV7-7160ER
DV7-7334EA Envy DV6T-7200 CTO Envy M6-1153SR Pavilion DV6-7025TX Pavilion DV7-7160SB
DV7T-7000 Envy DV6T-7300 Envy M6-1153XX Pavilion DV6-7026TX Pavilion DV7-7160SF
DV7T-7000 CTO QUAD EDITION Envy DV6Z-7200 CTO Envy M6-1154EA Pavilion DV6-7027NR Pavilion DV7-7160SO
Envy DV4-5200 CTO Envy DV6Z-7300 Envy M6-1154EO Pavilion DV6-7027TX Pavilion DV7-7161ER
Envy DV4-5201TU Envy DV7-7200EB Envy M6-1154EP Pavilion DV6-7028TX Pavilion DV7-7161SF
Envy DV4-5201TX Envy DV7-7200EI Envy M6-1154ER Pavilion DV6-7029TX Pavilion DV7-7162SF
Envy DV4-5202TU Envy DV7-7200ET Envy M6-1154EZ Pavilion DV6-7029WM Pavilion DV7-7162SO
Envy DV4-5202TX Envy DV7-7200EX Envy M6-1154SA Pavilion DV6-7030EE Pavilion DV7-7163ER
Envy DV4-5203TU Envy DV7-7200SB Envy M6-1154SP Pavilion DV6-7030EI Pavilion DV7-7163SR
Envy DV4-5203TX Envy DV7-7200SG Envy M6-1154SR Pavilion DV6-7030EO Pavilion DV7-7165EZ
Envy DV4-5204TX Envy DV7-7200ST Envy M6-1155EO Pavilion DV6-7030EZ Pavilion DV7-7165SZ
Envy DV4-5205TX Envy DV7-7200SX Envy M6-1156EZ Pavilion DV6-7030SE Pavilion DV7-7170EO
Envy DV4-5206TX Envy DV7-7201EG Envy M6-1157EZ Pavilion DV6-7030SZ Pavilion DV7-7170ER
Envy DV4-5207TX Envy DV7-7201SA Envy M6-1157SA Pavilion DV6-7030TX Pavilion DV7-7170SL
Envy DV4-5208TX Envy DV7-7201TX Envy M6-1158 Pavilion DV6-7031TX Pavilion DV7-7171ER
Envy DV4-5209TX Envy DV7-7202ED Envy M6-1158CA Pavilion DV6-7032TX Pavilion DV7-7174EF
Envy DV4-5210TX Envy DV7-7202EG Envy M6-1160EE Pavilion DV6-7033TX Pavilion DV7-7174SF
Envy DV4-5211NR Envy DV7-7202SL Envy M6-1160ET Pavilion DV6-7034TX Pavilion DV7-7175SF
Envy DV4-5211TX Envy DV7-7202SS Envy M6-1160LA Pavilion DV6-7035TX Pavilion DV7-7176SF
Envy DV4-5212TX Envy DV7-7202TX Envy M6-1160SE Pavilion DV6-7036TX Pavilion DV7-7180EB
Envy DV4-5213CL Envy DV7-7203EA Envy M6-1160SF Pavilion DV6-7037TX Pavilion DV7-7180EC
Envy DV4-5213TX Envy DV7-7203ES Envy M6-1160ST Pavilion DV6-7038TX Pavilion DV7-7180EO
Envy DV4-5214TX Envy DV7-7203SA Envy M6-1161EE Pavilion DV6-7039TX Pavilion DV7-7180SF
Envy DV4-5215TX Envy DV7-7203SS Envy M6-1161SE Pavilion DV6-7040SB Pavilion DV7-7190EF
Envy DV4-5216ET Envy DV7-7203TX Envy M6-1161SF Pavilion DV6-7040TX Pavilion DV7-7190EO
Envy DV4-5216TX Envy DV7-7204EA Envy M6-1162EF Pavilion DV6-7041TX Pavilion DV7-7190SF
Envy DV4-5217TX Envy DV7-7204ED Envy M6-1162LA Pavilion DV6-7042TX Pavilion DV7-7190SL
Envy DV4-5218ET Envy DV7-7204TX Envy M6-1162SF Pavilion DV6-7043CL Pavilion DV7-7191EO
Envy DV4-5220US Envy DV7-7205TX Envy M6-1164 Pavilion DV6-7043TX Pavilion DV7-7191SF
Envy DV4-5243CL Envy DV7-7206TX Envy M6-1164CA Pavilion DV6-7044TX Pavilion DV7-7195EO
Envy DV4-5260NR Envy DV7-7207TX Envy M6-1164SF Pavilion DV6-7045EZ Pavilion DV7-7196EZ
Envy DV4-5264LA Envy DV7-7208TX Envy M6-1170EF Pavilion DV6-7045SZ Pavilion DV7-7199EF
Envy DV4-5266LA Envy DV7-7210EI Envy M6-1170EP Pavilion DV6-7045TX Pavilion DV7-7199EZ
Envy DV4-5300 CTO Envy DV7-7210EM Envy M6-1170SF Pavilion DV6-7046TX Pavilion DV7-7199SF
Envy DV4-5301TU Envy DV7-7210EP Envy M6-1170SP Pavilion DV6-7050CA Pavilion DV7-7200
Envy DV4-5301TX Envy DV7-7210EW Envy M6-1173SF Pavilion DV6-7050EA Pavilion DV7T7000
Envy DV4-5302TU Envy DV7-7210EX Envy M6-1178EA Pavilion DV6-7050EB Pavilion DV7T-7000
Envy DV4-5302TX Envy DV7-7210SM Envy M6-1178SA Pavilion DV6-7050EI Pavilion DV7T7000 CTO
Envy DV4-5303TX Envy DV7-7210SP Envy M6-1182EG Pavilion DV6-7050ER Pavilion DV7T-7000 CTO
Envy DV4-5304TX Envy DV7-7210SW Envy M6-1183EG Pavilion DV6-7050EZ Pavilion M6 Series
Envy DV4-5305TX Envy DV7-7210SX Envy M6-1184 Pavilion DV6-7050SB Pavilion M6-1000EI
Envy DV4-5306TX Envy DV7-7210TX Envy M6-1184CA Pavilion DV6-7050SR Pavilion M6-1000EO
Envy DV4-5307TX Envy DV7-7211TX Envy M6-1188 Pavilion DV6-7050SW Pavilion M6-1000EV
Envy DV4-5308TX Envy DV7-7212NR Envy M6-1188CA Pavilion DV6-7051EA Pavilion M6-1000SB
Envy DV4-5309TX Envy DV7-7215SG Envy M6-1200EA Pavilion DV6-7051ER Pavilion M6-1000SG
Envy DV4-5311TX Envy DV7-7220EI Envy M6-1200EIA Pavilion DV6-7051SA Pavilion M6-1000SO
Envy DV4-5312TX Envy DV7-7220EW Envy M6-1200EK Pavilion DV6-7051SR Pavilion M6-1000SR
Envy DV4-5313TX Envy DV7-7220SG Envy M6-1200EW Pavilion DV6-7051XX Pavilion M6-1000SS
Envy DV4-5314TX Envy DV7-7220SW Envy M6-1200SG Pavilion DV6-7052ER Pavilion M6-1000SV
Envy DV4-5315TX Envy DV7-7223CL Envy M6-1200SIA Pavilion DV6-7052SR Pavilion M6-1001AX
Envy DV4-5316TX Envy DV7-7225SG Envy M6-1200SK Pavilion DV6-7053EA Pavilion M6-1001EA
Envy DV4-5317TX Envy DV7-7227CL Envy M6-1200SW Pavilion DV6-7053ER Pavilion M6-1001SA
Envy DV4-5318TX Envy DV7-7230EC Envy M6-1201EA Pavilion DV6-7054ER Pavilion M6-1001TX
Envy DV4-5319TX Envy DV7-7230EG Envy M6-1201EE Pavilion DV6-7055ER Pavilion M6-1002EA
Envy DV4-5B00 Envy DV7-7230EW Envy M6-1201ER Pavilion DV6-7055SR Pavilion M6-1002SA
Envy DV4-5B01TX Envy DV7-7230SW Envy M6-1201SF Pavilion DV6-7056ER Pavilion M6-1002TX
Envy DV4-5B02TX Envy DV7-7230US Envy M6-1201SG Pavilion DV6-7057ER Pavilion M6-1002XX
Envy DV4-5B03TX Envy DV7-7233NR Envy M6-1201TU Pavilion DV6-7057SR Pavilion M6-1003TX
Envy DV4T-5200 CTO Envy DV7-7234NR Envy M6-1201TX Pavilion DV6-7058ER Pavilion M6-1004SA
Envy DV4T-5300 CTO Envy DV7-7235EC Envy M6-1202EE Pavilion DV6-7060EF Pavilion M6-1004TX
Envy DV6-7200 CTO Envy DV7-7236EC Envy M6-1202EIA Pavilion DV6-7060ER Pavilion M6-1005TX
Envy DV6-7200EA Envy DV7-7238NR Envy M6-1202EO Pavilion DV6-7060SF Pavilion M6-1006TX
Envy DV6-7200EI Envy DV7-7240EW Envy M6-1202ER Pavilion DV6-7060SW Pavilion M6-1007TX
Envy DV6-7200EJ Envy DV7-7240SW Envy M6-1202SIA Pavilion DV6-7060SX Pavilion M6-1008TX
Envy DV6-7200EO Envy DV7-7240US Envy M6-1202SS Pavilion DV6-7061SA Pavilion M6-1009TX
Envy DV6-7200ET Envy DV7-7243CL Envy M6-1202TU Pavilion DV6-7062SF Pavilion M6-1010EC
Envy DV6-7200SA Envy DV7-7243NR Envy M6-1202TX Pavilion DV6-7063EA Pavilion M6-1010EV
Envy DV6-7200SL Envy DV7-7247CL Envy M6-1203EE Pavilion DV6-7063SA Pavilion M6-1010EX
Envy DV6-7200ST Envy DV7-7250EB Envy M6-1203EO Pavilion DV6-7070EE Pavilion M6-1010SP
Envy DV6-7201AX Envy DV7-7250ER Envy M6-1203EX Pavilion DV6-7070EF Pavilion M6-1010SV
Envy DV6-7201EG Envy DV7-7250EW Envy M6-1203SO Pavilion DV6-7070EL Pavilion M6-1010SW
Envy DV6-7201SG Envy DV7-7250SB Envy M6-1203TU Pavilion DV6-7070EW Pavilion M6-1010TX
Envy DV6-7201TU Envy DV7-7250US Envy M6-1203TX Pavilion DV6-7070EX Pavilion M6-1011TX
Envy DV6-7201TX Envy DV7-7251EO Envy M6-1204TX Pavilion DV6-7070SE Pavilion M6-1012TX
Envy DV6-7202AX Envy DV7-7251ER Envy M6-1205DX Pavilion DV6-7070SF Pavilion M6-1013TX
Envy DV6-7202EE Envy DV7-7251NR Envy M6-1205SA Pavilion DV6-7070SW Pavilion M6-1014TX
Envy DV6-7202EG Envy DV7-7251SZ Envy M6-1205SO Pavilion DV6-7071SF Pavilion M6-1015EB
Envy DV6-7202SE Envy DV7-7252EO Envy M6-1205TX Pavilion DV6-7073CA Pavilion M6-1015EW
Envy DV6-7202SS Envy DV7-7252ER Envy M6-1206SA Pavilion DV6-7075EO Pavilion M6-1015SB
Envy DV6-7202TU Envy DV7-7252SR Envy M6-1206TX Pavilion DV6-7077EO Pavilion M6-1015TX
Envy DV6-7202TX Envy DV7-7253ER Envy M6-1207TX Pavilion DV6-7078CA Pavilion M6-1016TX
Envy DV6-7203AX Envy DV7-7254ER Envy M6-1208TX Pavilion DV6-7080EB Pavilion M6-1017EZ
Envy DV6-7203ES Envy DV7-7254NR Envy M6-1209TX Pavilion DV6-7080EE Pavilion M6-1017SZ
Envy DV6-7203SS Envy DV7-7254SR Envy M6-1210EI Pavilion DV6-7080EX Pavilion M6-1017TX
Envy DV6-7203TU Envy DV7-7255DX Envy M6-1210EW Pavilion DV6-7080SE Pavilion M6-1018TX
Envy DV6-7203TX Envy DV7-7255ER Envy M6-1210SW Pavilion DV6-7081EG Pavilion M6-1019TX
Envy DV6-7204AX Envy DV7-7255SR Envy M6-1210TX Pavilion DV6-7082EG Pavilion M6-1020EI
Envy DV6-7204EE Envy DV7-7259NR Envy M6-1211EA Pavilion DV6-7084LA Pavilion M6-1020EX
Envy DV6-7204SE Envy DV7-7260EB Envy M6-1211ER Pavilion DV6-7086LA Pavilion M6-1020SW
Envy DV6-7204TU Envy DV7-7260ER Envy M6-1211SA Pavilion DV6-7090EF Pavilion M6-1020TX
Envy DV6-7204TX Envy DV7-7260EW Envy M6-1211SS Pavilion DV6-7090EL Pavilion M6-1021TX
Envy DV6-7205AX Envy DV7-7260SB Envy M6-1211TX Pavilion DV6-7090SF Pavilion M6-1022TX
Envy DV6-7205EE Envy DV7-7260SF Envy M6-1212TX Pavilion DV6-7093EO Pavilion M6-1023SO
Envy DV6-7205SE Envy DV7-7261ER Envy M6-1213TX Pavilion DV6-7095CA Pavilion M6-1025SB
Envy DV6-7205TX Envy DV7-7262ER Envy M6-1214TX Pavilion DV6-7096EO Pavilion M6-1030EC
Envy DV6-7206TX Envy DV7-7263ER Envy M6-1215TX Pavilion DV6-7097EO Pavilion M6-1030EM
Envy DV6-7207TX Envy DV7-7264ER Envy M6-1216TX Pavilion DV6-7099 Pavilion M6-1030ER
Envy DV6-7208TX Envy DV7-7264EZ Envy M6-1217TX Pavilion DV6-7099 Series Pavilion M6-1030SM
Envy DV6-7209TX Envy DV7-7265ER Envy M6-1218TX Pavilion DV6-7099EL Pavilion M6-1030SQ
Envy DV6-7210EI Envy DV7-7266ER Envy M6-1220EB Pavilion DV6-7099EO Pavilion M6-1030SW
Envy DV6-7210TX Envy DV7-7266SZ Envy M6-1220ER Pavilion DV6-7100ET Pavilion M6-1031ER
Envy DV6-7210US Envy DV7-7267ER Envy M6-1220SB Pavilion DV6-7100SH Pavilion M6-1032ER
Envy DV6-7211NR Envy DV7-7270CA Envy M6-1221ED Pavilion DV6-7100ST Pavilion M6-1033SR
Envy DV6-7211TX Envy DV7-7270EF Envy M6-1221ER Pavilion DV6-7101AX Pavilion M6-1034ER
Envy DV6-7212TX Envy DV7-7270EG Envy M6-1222ER Pavilion DV6-7101EI Pavilion M6-1035DX
Envy DV6-7213NR Envy DV7-7270SF Envy M6-1222SR Pavilion DV6-7101TX Pavilion M6-1035EO
Envy DV6-7213TX Envy DV7-7271EZ Envy M6-1223ED Pavilion DV6-7102TX Pavilion M6-1035SO
Envy DV6-7214NR Envy DV7-7271SF Envy M6-1225DX Pavilion DV6-7103AX Pavilion M6-1040EC
Envy DV6-7214TX Envy DV7-7273CA Envy M6-1226ER Pavilion DV6-7103TX Pavilion M6-1040EO
Envy DV6-7215NR Envy DV7-7278CA Envy M6-1226SR Pavilion DV6-7104EA Pavilion M6-1040ER
Envy DV6-7215TX Envy DV7-7280SF Envy M6-1227SR Pavilion DV6-7104TX Pavilion M6-1041EO
Envy DV6-7216TX Envy DV7-7282SF Envy M6-1231EA Pavilion DV6-7105TX Pavilion M6-1041ER
Envy DV6-7217TX Envy DV7-7283EG Envy M6-1231SA Pavilion DV6-7110ET Pavilion M6-1042EO
Envy DV6-7218NR Envy DV7-7286EZ Envy M6-1232EA Pavilion DV6-7110ST Pavilion M6-1042ER
Envy DV6-7218TX Envy DV7-7287EZ Envy M6-1232SA Pavilion DV6-7112HE Pavilion M6-1042SO
Envy DV6-7219TX Envy DV7-7290EB Envy M6-1240ER Pavilion DV6-7114NR Pavilion M6-1045DX
Envy DV6-7220TX Envy DV7-7290EF Envy M6-1241ER Pavilion DV6-7115NR Pavilion M6-1048CA
Envy DV6-7220US Envy DV7-7290EO Envy M6-1250EB Pavilion DV6-7122HE Pavilion M6-1050EK
Envy DV6-7221NR Envy DV7-7290EZ Envy M6-1250ER Pavilion DV6-7130SP Pavilion M6-1050ER
Envy DV6-7221TX Envy DV7-7290SF Envy M6-1250SF Pavilion DV6-7131EI Pavilion M6-1050ET
Envy DV6-7222NR Envy DV7-7290SL Envy M6-1251EO Pavilion DV6-7134NR Pavilion M6-1050SA
Envy DV6-7222TX Envy DV7-7292EO Envy M6-1251ER Pavilion DV6-7135NR Pavilion M6-1050SG
Envy DV6-7223NR Envy DV7-7292NR Envy M6-1251SF Pavilion DV6-7136NR Pavilion M6-1050SP
Envy DV6-7223TX Envy DV7-7294EO Envy M6-1251SR Pavilion DV6-7137EZ Pavilion M6-1050ST
Envy DV6-7226NR Envy DV7-7295EZ Envy M6-1252SO Pavilion DV6-7137NR Pavilion M6-1051ER
Envy DV6-7227NR Envy DV7-7297SF Envy M6-1253EO Pavilion DV6-7137SZ Pavilion M6-1051SD
Envy DV6-7227SA Envy DV7-7298CA Envy M6-1254EO Pavilion DV6-7138US Pavilion M6-1052EO
Envy DV6-7228NR Envy DV7-7298SF Envy M6-1254EZ Pavilion DV6-7140EZ Pavilion M6-1052ER
Envy DV6-7229NR Envy DV7-7299EF Envy M6-1255EO Pavilion DV6-7140SP Pavilion M6-1052SR
Envy DV6-7229WM Envy DV7-7299SF Envy M6-1256EZ Pavilion DV6-7145EZ Pavilion M6-1054CA
Envy DV6-7234NR Envy DV7-7300 Envy M6-1256SF Pavilion DV6-7145SZ Pavilion M6-1054EO
Envy DV6-7240SG Envy DV7-7300EL Envy M6-1260EF Pavilion DV6-7150SB Pavilion M6-1054SA
Envy DV6-7245US Envy DV7-7300ET Envy M6-1260EL Pavilion DV6-7151EK Pavilion M6-1055SA
Envy DV6-7246US Envy DV7-7300EW Envy M6-1260ER Pavilion DV6-7161EO Pavilion M6-1058CA
Envy DV6-7247CL Envy DV7-7300SG Envy M6-1260SF Pavilion DV6-7170EO Pavilion M6-1060EE
Envy DV6-7250CA Envy DV7-7300SP Envy M6-1261ER Pavilion DV6-7170ER Pavilion M6-1060EM
Envy DV6-7250EB Envy DV7-7300SS Envy M6-1261SF Pavilion DV6-7170SS Pavilion M6-1060ER
Envy DV6-7250EC Envy DV7-7300ST Envy M6-1262ER Pavilion DV6-7171ER Pavilion M6-1060ET
Envy DV6-7250ER Envy DV7-7300SW Envy M6-1262SF Pavilion DV6-7172ER Pavilion M6-1060SE
Envy DV6-7250SB Envy DV7-7301EO Envy M6-1262SR Pavilion DV6-7172SR Pavilion M6-1060SF
Envy DV6-7250SR Envy DV7-7301ES Envy M6-1263ER Pavilion DV6-7173ER Pavilion M6-1060SL
Envy DV6-7251EO Envy DV7-7301SO Envy M6-1263SF Pavilion DV6-7175SR Pavilion M6-1060SM
Envy DV6-7251ER Envy DV7-7301TX Envy M6-1265SF Pavilion DV6-7180EB Pavilion M6-1060SO
Envy DV6-7251SR Envy DV7-7302EG Envy M6-1266EF Pavilion DV6-7180EE Pavilion M6-1060SQ
Envy DV6-7252EO Envy DV7-7302EO Envy M6-1266SF Pavilion DV6-7180SE Pavilion M6-1060SR
Envy DV6-7252ER Envy DV7-7302EX Envy M6-1267SF Pavilion DV6-7180SF Pavilion M6-1061ER
Envy DV6-7252SR Envy DV7-7302SG Envy M6-1270ER Pavilion DV6-7180SL Pavilion M6-1061SR
Envy DV6-7254EO Envy DV7-7302TX Envy M6-1271ER Pavilion DV6-7181SF Pavilion M6-1062ER
Envy DV6-7258NR Envy DV7-7303EG Envy M6-1271SR Pavilion DV6-7186EZ Pavilion M6-1062SF
Envy DV6-7260ER Envy DV7-7303SG Envy M6-1272ER Pavilion DV6-7190EE Pavilion M6-1062SR
Envy DV6-7260HE Envy DV7-7303TX Envy M6-1272SR Pavilion DV6-7190SE Pavilion M6-1063SF
Envy DV6-7261ER Envy DV7-7304ED Envy M6-1276ER Pavilion DV6-7191EO Pavilion M6-1064CA
Envy DV6-7261EZ Envy DV7-7304EG Envy M6-1276SR Pavilion DV6-7194EF Pavilion M6-1066EZ
Envy DV6-7262ER Envy DV7-7304SG Envy M6-1279EL Pavilion DV6-7194SF Pavilion M6-1066SZ
Envy DV6-7263ER Envy DV7-7304TX Envy M6-1279SL Pavilion DV6-7200 Pavilion M6-1068CA
Envy DV6-7264ER Envy DV7-7305EO Envy M6-1282EG Pavilion DV6-7218TX Pavilion M6-1070EE
Envy DV6-7267CL Envy DV7-7306ED Envy M6-1291EE Pavilion DV6-8000 Pavilion M6-1070EF
Envy DV6-7267EZ Envy DV7-7306TX Envy M6-1291SE Pavilion DV6-8000 Series Pavilion M6-1070SE
Envy DV6-7270SP Envy DV7-7307TX Envy M6-1300EA Pavilion DV6-8099 Pavilion M6-1070SF
Envy DV6-7273CA Envy DV7-7310DX Envy M6-1300SA Pavilion DV6-8099 Series Pavilion M6-1070SL
Envy DV6-7275EZ Envy DV7-7310EB Envy M6-1302EA Pavilion DV6T-7000 Pavilion M6-1071SE
Envy DV6-7276EZ Envy DV7-7310SB Envy M6-1302SA Pavilion DV6T-7000 CTO Pavilion M6-1072SF
Envy DV6-7280EB Envy DV7-7320EL Envy M6-1303ER Pavilion DV6T-8000 Pavilion M6-1073EA
Envy DV6-7280EF Envy DV7-7323CL Envy M6-1310EA Pavilion DV6T-8000 CTO Pavilion M6-1075EA
Envy DV6-7280EP Envy DV7-7331EA Envy M6-1310SA Pavilion DV6Z7000 CTO Pavilion M6-1076LA
Envy DV6-7280EX Envy DV7-7332EA Envy M6-1325ER Pavilion DV6Z-7000 CTO Pavilion M6-1084CA
Envy DV6-7280EZ Envy DV7-7333CL Envy M6-1325SR Pavilion DV7-7000 Pavilion M6-1090EE
Envy DV6-7280LA Envy DV7-7334EA Envy M6-1326ER Pavilion DV7-7000 Series Pavilion M6-1090SE
Envy DV6-7280SF Envy DV7-7335EA Envy M6-1326SR Pavilion DV7-7000EE Pavilion M6-1091EE
Envy DV6-7280SL Envy DV7-7338EA Envy M6-1350SF Pavilion DV7-7000EM Pavilion M6-1091SE
Envy DV6-7280SP Envy DV7-7338SA LaserJet Pro 400 M401DW Pavilion DV7-7000EO Pavilion M6T
Envy DV6-7280SX Envy DV7-7350EB M6-1035DX Pavilion DV7-7000ER Pavilion M6T-1000
Envy DV6-7285EX Envy DV7-7350ER M6-1042SO Pavilion DV7-7000EV Pavilion M6T-1000 CTO
Envy DV6-7285SX Envy DV7-7350EW M6-1045DX Pavilion DV7-7000EX Pavilion M7-1015DX
Envy DV6-7290EF Envy DV7-7350SB M6-1048CA
Wholesale & Retail.

Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. 

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases. 

Additional non-returnable items: 
- Gift cards 
- Downloadable software products 
- Some health and personal care items 

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer. 

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable) 
- Book with obvious signs of use 
- CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video game, cassette tape, or vinyl record that has been opened 
- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error 
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery 

Note: Return Policy is not applicable for Ink & Toner cartridges, Games if the seal is opened / broken / Tampered.

Refunds (if applicable) 
Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. 
If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days. 

Late or missing refunds (if applicable) 
If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. 
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. 
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. 
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at

Sale items (if applicable) 
Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded. 

Exchanges or Refunds (if applicable) 
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at and send your item to:
#502&503 A-Block,
Chenoy Trade Center, Park Lane,
Kalasiguda, Secunderabad,
Pin-code: 500003

If the item was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you’ll receive a gift credit for the value of your return. Once the returned item is received, a gift certificate will be mailed to you. 

If the item wasn’t marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give to you later, we will send a refund to the gift giver and he will find out about your return. 


Local (Hyderabad City) - 1 Day - Rs.70
Standard - 3-8 Days  - Rs.70
Express - 3-5 Days - Rs.180

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. 

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary. 

If you are shipping an item over 500 INR, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.
Please get in touch with us on +917013839661 on whatsapp

 We can ship to Midde East , Africa and Asia