Original HP Pavilion DV9000 dv9100 dv9200 dv9500 DV9700 series 416996-131 434674-001 EV087AA EX942AA series Laptop Battery
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Original HP Pavilion DV9000 dv9100 dv9200 dv9500 DV9700 series 416996-131 434674-001 EV087AA EX942AA series Laptop Battery

  • Product SKU: BAT-HP-DV9000-01
  • Category: ALL, Laptop Batteries
    • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
    • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
    • Warranty: 12 months for Original.
    • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.
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  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original.
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

416996-131, 416996-441, 432974-001, 434674-001, 434877-141, 448007-001, EV087AA, EX942AA, HSTNN-IB34, HSTNN-IB40, HSTNN-LB33, HSTNN-Q21C

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Pavilion DV9094EA

Pavilion DV9377

Pavilion DV9625EW

Pavilion DV9768CA
G6010EG Pavilion DV9095EA Pavilion DV9377XX Pavilion DV9626 Pavilion DV9769
G6030EA Pavilion DV9095EU Pavilion DV9378 Pavilion DV9627 Pavilion DV9770
G6030EG Pavilion DV9095TX Pavilion DV9379 Pavilion DV9628 Pavilion DV9770EO
G6030EM Pavilion DV9095XX Pavilion DV9380 Pavilion DV9629 Pavilion DV9770EW
G6031EA Pavilion DV9096EA Pavilion DV9381 Pavilion DV9630 Pavilion DV9772
G6031EM Pavilion DV9096XX Pavilion DV9385 Pavilion DV9630EB Pavilion DV9773
G6032EA Pavilion DV9097EA Pavilion DV9385XX Pavilion DV9630EF Pavilion DV9773EG
G6032EM Pavilion DV9097XX Pavilion DV9389 Pavilion DV9630ET Pavilion DV9774
G6033EA Pavilion DV9098XX Pavilion DV9390 Pavilion DV9630XX Pavilion DV9774CA
G6040EG Pavilion DV9099EA Pavilion DV9391 Pavilion DV9631 Pavilion DV9775
G6050EG Pavilion DV9099XX Pavilion DV9392 Pavilion DV9634 Pavilion DV9775EG
G6050EM Pavilion DV9100 Pavilion DV9393 Pavilion DV9635 Pavilion DV9778
G6060EA Pavilion DV9100 Series Pavilion DV9393XX Pavilion DV9635EM Pavilion DV9778EG
G6060EG Pavilion DV9105EU Pavilion DV9395 Pavilion DV9636 Pavilion DV9779
G6061EA Pavilion DV9200 Pavilion DV9396 Pavilion DV9636EF Pavilion DV9780
G6062EA Pavilion DV9200 Series Pavilion DV9397 Pavilion DV9636EM Pavilion DV9780EB
G6062EM Pavilion DV9200XX Pavilion DV9397XX Pavilion DV9638 Pavilion DV9780ED
G6065EA Pavilion DV9201CA Pavilion DV9398 Pavilion DV9638XX Pavilion DV9780EW
G6065EM Pavilion DV9201TX Pavilion DV9398EU Pavilion DV9639 Pavilion DV9780EZ
G6090EA Pavilion DV9202EA Pavilion DV9399 Pavilion DV9639EO Pavilion DV9784
G6091EA Pavilion DV9202TX Pavilion DV9399XX Pavilion DV9640 Pavilion DV9784EG
G6092EA Pavilion DV9203TX Pavilion DV9400 Pavilion DV9640EF Pavilion DV9785
G6092EG Pavilion DV9204TX Pavilion DV9415CA Pavilion DV9643 Pavilion DV9787
G6093EA Pavilion DV9204XX Pavilion DV9418CA Pavilion DV9644 Pavilion DV9788
G6095EG Pavilion DV9205CA Pavilion DV9420CA Pavilion DV9644EO Pavilion DV9788EG
G6096EG Pavilion DV9205EU Pavilion DV9500 Pavilion DV9645 Pavilion DV9790
G6097EG Pavilion DV9205TX Pavilion DV9500 Series Pavilion DV9645ED Pavilion DV9790EF
Pavilion 9040 Pavilion DV9205US Pavilion DV9500/CT Pavilion DV9646 Pavilion DV9790EP
Pavilion 9100 Pavilion DV9206EU Pavilion DV9500EA Pavilion DV9646EF Pavilion DV9790ER
Pavilion 9200 Pavilion DV9206TX Pavilion DV9500T Pavilion DV9646EG Pavilion DV9790EW
Pavilion DV6000 Series Pavilion DV9207TX Pavilion DV9500Z Pavilion DV9646EM Pavilion DV9791
Pavilion DV6000T Pavilion DV9208NR Pavilion DV9501AU Pavilion DV9647 Pavilion DV9791EO
Pavilion DV6000Z Pavilion DV9208TX Pavilion DV9501TX Pavilion DV9647EF Pavilion DV9800
Pavilion DV6001EA Pavilion DV9209TX Pavilion DV9501XX Pavilion DV9647EM Pavilion DV9800 CTO
Pavilion DV6001XX Pavilion DV9210CA Pavilion DV9502 Pavilion DV9649 Pavilion DV9800 Series
Pavilion DV6002XX Pavilion DV9210EU Pavilion DV9502AU Pavilion DV9649EF Pavilion DV9801TX
Pavilion DV6003EA Pavilion DV9210TX Pavilion DV9502EA Pavilion DV9650 Pavilion DV9802TX
Pavilion DV6003XX Pavilion DV9210US Pavilion DV9503 Pavilion DV9650EB Pavilion DV9803TX
Pavilion DV6004EA Pavilion DV9211EA Pavilion DV9503EF Pavilion DV9650ES Pavilion DV9804CA
Pavilion DV6005EA Pavilion DV9211TX Pavilion DV9503TX Pavilion DV9652 Pavilion DV9804TX
Pavilion DV6006EA Pavilion DV9212EA Pavilion DV9503XX Pavilion DV9652EG Pavilion DV9805ES
Pavilion DV6007EA Pavilion DV9212TX Pavilion DV9504 Pavilion DV9653 Pavilion DV9805TX
Pavilion DV6008EA Pavilion DV9213EA Pavilion DV9504XX Pavilion DV9653XX Pavilion DV9806TX
Pavilion DV6009EA Pavilion DV9213TX Pavilion DV9505 Pavilion DV9654 Pavilion DV9807TX
Pavilion DV6010EA Pavilion DV9214EA Pavilion DV9505EF Pavilion DV9654EO Pavilion DV9808CA
Pavilion DV6011EA Pavilion DV9214TX Pavilion DV9506 Pavilion DV9655 Pavilion DV9808TX
Pavilion DV6012EA Pavilion DV9215EA Pavilion DV9506XX Pavilion DV9655EA Pavilion DV9809TX
Pavilion DV6013EA Pavilion DV9215TX Pavilion DV9507 Pavilion DV9655EZ Pavilion DV9810CA
Pavilion DV6014EA Pavilion DV9216EA Pavilion DV9507ES Pavilion DV9656 Pavilion DV9810ES
Pavilion DV6015EA Pavilion DV9216TX Pavilion DV9509 Pavilion DV9656EO Pavilion DV9810TX
Pavilion DV6016EA Pavilion DV9217EA Pavilion DV9510 Pavilion DV9657 Pavilion DV9810US
Pavilion DV6017EA Pavilion DV9217TX Pavilion DV9510EA Pavilion DV9657EM Pavilion DV9811TX
Pavilion DV6018EA Pavilion DV9218EA Pavilion DV9510XX Pavilion DV9657EO Pavilion DV9812TX
Pavilion DV6019EA Pavilion DV9218TX Pavilion DV9511 Pavilion DV9658 Pavilion DV9812US
Pavilion DV6020EA Pavilion DV9219EA Pavilion DV9511XX Pavilion DV9660 Pavilion DV9813EO
Pavilion DV6021EA Pavilion DV9219TX Pavilion DV9512 Pavilion DV9660EI Pavilion DV9813TX
Pavilion DV6022EA Pavilion DV9220CA Pavilion DV9513 Pavilion DV9664 Pavilion DV9814TX
Pavilion DV6023EA Pavilion DV9220EU Pavilion DV9514 Pavilion DV9665 Pavilion DV9815EF
Pavilion DV6024EA Pavilion DV9220TX Pavilion DV9514TX Pavilion DV9665EO Pavilion DV9815NR
Pavilion DV6025EA Pavilion DV9220US Pavilion DV9515 Pavilion DV9667 Pavilion DV9815TX
Pavilion DV6040CA Pavilion DV9221TX Pavilion DV9515TX Pavilion DV9667EG Pavilion DV9816TX
Pavilion DV6040US Pavilion DV9222XX Pavilion DV9515XX Pavilion DV9668 Pavilion DV9817CL
Pavilion DV6045NR Pavilion DV9223XX Pavilion DV9516 Pavilion DV9670 Pavilion DV9817TX
Pavilion DV6054EA Pavilion DV9225US Pavilion DV9516XX Pavilion DV9673 Pavilion DV9818TX
Pavilion DV6057EA Pavilion DV9225XX Pavilion DV9517 Pavilion DV9674 Pavilion DV9819TX
Pavilion DV6058CL Pavilion DV9230US Pavilion DV9517TX Pavilion DV9674EG Pavilion DV9819WM
Pavilion DV6058EA Pavilion DV9231CA Pavilion DV9518 Pavilion DV9675 Pavilion DV9820EF
Pavilion DV6059EA Pavilion DV9232EU Pavilion DV9518TX Pavilion DV9680 Pavilion DV9820EL
Pavilion DV6060EA Pavilion DV9233CA Pavilion DV9519 Pavilion DV9680EF Pavilion DV9820ES
Pavilion DV6061EA Pavilion DV9233CL Pavilion DV9519TX Pavilion DV9681 Pavilion DV9820EV
Pavilion DV6062EA Pavilion DV9233EU Pavilion DV9520 Pavilion DV9682 Pavilion DV9820TX
Pavilion DV6063EA Pavilion DV9235NR Pavilion DV9521 Pavilion DV9682EG Pavilion DV9820US
Pavilion DV6064EA Pavilion DV9235XX Pavilion DV9521EA Pavilion DV9683 Pavilion DV9821TX
Pavilion DV6065EA Pavilion DV9237EU Pavilion DV9521EJ Pavilion DV9684 Pavilion DV9821US
Pavilion DV6067EA Pavilion DV9237XX Pavilion DV9521TX Pavilion DV9684EG Pavilion DV9822TX
Pavilion DV6086EA Pavilion DV9241XX Pavilion DV9522 Pavilion DV9685 Pavilion DV9823CA
Pavilion DV6087EA Pavilion DV9243EA Pavilion DV9522XX Pavilion DV9686 Pavilion DV9823CL
Pavilion DV6088EA Pavilion DV9243XX Pavilion DV9523 Pavilion DV9687 Pavilion DV9823TX
Pavilion DV6095EA Pavilion DV9244EA Pavilion DV9525 Pavilion DV9687EG Pavilion DV9823US
Pavilion DV6097EA Pavilion DV9244EU Pavilion DV9525US Pavilion DV9688 Pavilion DV9824CA
Pavilion DV9000 Pavilion DV9248EA Pavilion DV9530 Pavilion DV9688EG Pavilion DV9824US
Pavilion DV9000 Series Pavilion DV9252EU Pavilion DV9530EG Pavilion DV9689 Pavilion DV9825EB
Pavilion DV9000EA Pavilion DV9252XX Pavilion DV9530EM Pavilion DV9689EA Pavilion DV9825NR
Pavilion DV9000T Pavilion DV9253EA Pavilion DV9532 Pavilion DV9690 Pavilion DV9827CL
Pavilion DV9000Z Pavilion DV9254EU Pavilion DV9532EF Pavilion DV9690EW Pavilion DV9827EM
Pavilion DV9001EA Pavilion DV9255EA Pavilion DV9532EM Pavilion DV9691 Pavilion DV9829
Pavilion DV9001TX Pavilion DV9260NR Pavilion DV9533 Pavilion DV9694 Pavilion DV9829EO
Pavilion DV9001XX Pavilion DV9260US Pavilion DV9534 Pavilion DV9694EG Pavilion DV9830EA
Pavilion DV9002EA Pavilion DV9265LA Pavilion DV9534XX Pavilion DV9695 Pavilion DV9830EG
Pavilion DV9002TX Pavilion DV9266EA Pavilion DV9535 Pavilion DV9695EF Pavilion DV9830EL
Pavilion DV9002XX Pavilion DV9266EU Pavilion DV9535US Pavilion DV9695EL Pavilion DV9830ER
Pavilion DV9003EA Pavilion DV9267EA Pavilion DV9536 Pavilion DV9695EO Pavilion DV9830EV
Pavilion DV9003TX Pavilion DV9267XX Pavilion DV9540 Pavilion DV9696US Pavilion DV9830US
Pavilion DV9003XX Pavilion DV9268EA Pavilion DV9540EO Pavilion DV9698 Pavilion DV9831CA
Pavilion DV9004TX Pavilion DV9269EA Pavilion DV9541 Pavilion DV9699 Pavilion DV9832
Pavilion DV9004XX Pavilion DV9269XX Pavilion DV9542 Pavilion DV9699EF Pavilion DV9832EO
Pavilion DV9005CA Pavilion DV9271EA Pavilion DV9543 Pavilion DV9700/CT Pavilion DV9834CA
Pavilion DV9005EA Pavilion DV9272EA Pavilion DV9543EA Pavilion DV9700T Pavilion DV9835
Pavilion DV9005TX Pavilion DV9273EA Pavilion DV9543EV Pavilion DV9700Z Pavilion DV9835EF
Pavilion DV9005US Pavilion DV9274EA Pavilion DV9545 Pavilion DV9701 Pavilion DV9837
Pavilion DV9005XX Pavilion DV9274EU Pavilion DV9545EB Pavilion DV9702 Pavilion DV9838CA
Pavilion DV9006OM Pavilion DV9275EA Pavilion DV9545EO Pavilion DV9703 Pavilion DV9839
Pavilion DV9006TX Pavilion DV9275LA Pavilion DV9545XX Pavilion DV9704 Pavilion DV9840
Pavilion DV9007TX Pavilion DV9276EA Pavilion DV9547 Pavilion DV9705 Pavilion DV9842
Pavilion DV9008NR Pavilion DV9283EA Pavilion DV9547XX Pavilion DV9705AX Pavilion DV9843CL
Pavilion DV9008TX Pavilion DV9285EA Pavilion DV9548 Pavilion DV9705EA Pavilion DV9845
Pavilion DV9009CA Pavilion DV9286EA Pavilion DV9550 Pavilion DV9706 Pavilion DV9847CA
Pavilion DV9009CL Pavilion DV9287CL Pavilion DV9552 Pavilion DV9706AX Pavilion DV9847EO
Pavilion DV9009TX Pavilion DV9288EA Pavilion DV9552ES Pavilion DV9706TX Pavilion DV9848
Pavilion DV9010CA Pavilion DV9288XX Pavilion DV9555 Pavilion DV9707 Pavilion DV9848EO
Pavilion DV9010TX Pavilion DV9289EA Pavilion DV9555EG Pavilion DV9708 Pavilion DV9849
Pavilion DV9010US Pavilion DV9291EA Pavilion DV9560 Pavilion DV9709 Pavilion DV9850
Pavilion DV9011TX Pavilion DV9292EU Pavilion DV9560EA Pavilion DV9710 Pavilion DV9850EB
Pavilion DV9012TX Pavilion DV9293XX Pavilion DV9560EG Pavilion DV9710EI Pavilion DV9850EO
Pavilion DV9013CA Pavilion DV9294EA Pavilion DV9562 Pavilion DV9710EO Pavilion DV9850EV
Pavilion DV9013CL Pavilion DV9294EU Pavilion DV9562EA Pavilion DV9711 Pavilion DV9851
Pavilion DV9013TX Pavilion DV9295EA Pavilion DV9562EZ Pavilion DV9712 Pavilion DV9851EG
Pavilion DV9014EA Pavilion DV9295EU Pavilion DV9562XX Pavilion DV9713 Pavilion DV9852
Pavilion DV9014TX Pavilion DV9296EA Pavilion DV9565 Pavilion DV9714 Pavilion DV9852EG
Pavilion DV9015EA Pavilion DV9296EU Pavilion DV9565EG Pavilion DV9715 Pavilion DV9853
Pavilion DV9015TX Pavilion DV9297EA Pavilion DV9570 Pavilion DV9716 Pavilion DV9853EG
Pavilion DV9016EA Pavilion DV9297XX Pavilion DV9570EF Pavilion DV9717 Pavilion DV9854CA
Pavilion DV9016TX Pavilion DV9299EA Pavilion DV9570EL Pavilion DV9718 Pavilion DV9858CA
Pavilion DV9017TX Pavilion DV9299XX Pavilion DV9571 Pavilion DV9719 Pavilion DV9860
Pavilion DV9018EA Pavilion DV9300 Pavilion DV9571EO Pavilion DV9720 Pavilion DV9860ED
Pavilion DV9018TX Pavilion DV9301 Pavilion DV9571XX Pavilion DV9720EG Pavilion DV9860ES
Pavilion DV9019EA Pavilion DV9301XX Pavilion DV9572 Pavilion DV9720ES Pavilion DV9860EV
Pavilion DV9019TX Pavilion DV9302 Pavilion DV9572EO Pavilion DV9721 Pavilion DV9860EZ
Pavilion DV9020TX Pavilion DV9302XX Pavilion DV9574 Pavilion DV9722 Pavilion DV9865
Pavilion DV9021TX Pavilion DV9303 Pavilion DV9575 Pavilion DV9722EG Pavilion DV9868
Pavilion DV9022EA Pavilion DV9303EU Pavilion DV9575EF Pavilion DV9723 Pavilion DV9868EG
Pavilion DV9022TX Pavilion DV9304 Pavilion DV9575EP Pavilion DV9724 Pavilion DV9870
Pavilion DV9024EA Pavilion DV9304EU Pavilion DV9575ES Pavilion DV9725 Pavilion DV9870EF
Pavilion DV9030EA Pavilion DV9305 Pavilion DV9575LA Pavilion DV9725EF Pavilion DV9870EP
Pavilion DV9030US Pavilion DV9306 Pavilion DV9576 Pavilion DV9726 Pavilion DV9870EW
Pavilion DV9033CL Pavilion DV9306XX Pavilion DV9580 Pavilion DV9727 Pavilion DV9872
Pavilion DV9035EA Pavilion DV9307 Pavilion DV9580ED Pavilion DV9727EF Pavilion DV9872EZ
Pavilion DV9035NR Pavilion DV9308 Pavilion DV9580EO Pavilion DV9728 Pavilion DV9876
Pavilion DV9036EA Pavilion DV9309 Pavilion DV9580XX Pavilion DV9729 Pavilion DV9880
Pavilion DV9037EA Pavilion DV9309EU Pavilion DV9581EE Pavilion DV9730 Pavilion DV9880EA
Pavilion DV9038EA Pavilion DV9310 Pavilion DV9581XX Pavilion DV9730CA Pavilion DV9880EE
Pavilion DV9039EA Pavilion DV9310EU Pavilion DV9585 Pavilion DV9730EP Pavilion DV9880EP
Pavilion DV9040EA Pavilion DV9310US Pavilion DV9585EG Pavilion DV9731 Pavilion DV9880ES
Pavilion DV9040US Pavilion DV9311 Pavilion DV9585EL Pavilion DV9731CA Pavilion DV9880EW
Pavilion DV9041EA Pavilion DV9312 Pavilion DV9585EO Pavilion DV9732 Pavilion DV9880EZ
Pavilion DV9042EA Pavilion DV9313 Pavilion DV9588 Pavilion DV9733 Pavilion DV9885
Pavilion DV9043EA Pavilion DV9313EU Pavilion DV9589EF Pavilion DV9734 Pavilion DV9885EA
Pavilion DV9044EA Pavilion DV9314 Pavilion DV9589XX Pavilion DV9735 Pavilion DV9885EO
Pavilion DV9045EA Pavilion DV9314EU Pavilion DV9590 Pavilion DV9735ES Pavilion DV9888
Pavilion DV9046EA Pavilion DV9315 Pavilion DV9590EA Pavilion DV9736 Pavilion DV9888EO
Pavilion DV9047EA Pavilion DV9316 Pavilion DV9590ED Pavilion DV9736CA Pavilion DV9889
Pavilion DV9048EA Pavilion DV9316EA Pavilion DV9590ER Pavilion DV9736EO Pavilion DV9889EO
Pavilion DV9049EA Pavilion DV9317 Pavilion DV9590ET Pavilion DV9737 Pavilion DV988EZ
Pavilion DV9050EA Pavilion DV9318 Pavilion DV9592 Pavilion DV9737TX Pavilion DV9890
Pavilion DV9051EA Pavilion DV9319 Pavilion DV9595 Pavilion DV9738 Pavilion DV9890ED
Pavilion DV9052EA Pavilion DV9320 Pavilion DV9596 Pavilion DV9739 Pavilion DV9890EF
Pavilion DV9053EA Pavilion DV9321 Pavilion DV9597 Pavilion DV9740 Pavilion DV9890EG
Pavilion DV9054EA Pavilion DV9322 Pavilion DV9598 Pavilion DV9740EA Pavilion DV9890EL
Pavilion DV9055EA Pavilion DV9323 Pavilion DV9599 Pavilion DV9740EG Pavilion DV9890EO
Pavilion DV9056EA Pavilion DV9324 Pavilion DV9600 Series Pavilion DV9740TX Pavilion DV9894CA
Pavilion DV9057EA Pavilion DV9330 Pavilion DV9601 Pavilion DV9741 Pavilion DV9900
Pavilion DV9058EA Pavilion DV9331 Pavilion DV9601EF Pavilion DV9741TX Pavilion DV9900 CTO
Pavilion DV9059EA Pavilion DV9332 Pavilion DV9602 Pavilion DV9742 Pavilion DV9900 Series
Pavilion DV9060EA Pavilion DV9332EU Pavilion DV9603 Pavilion DV9743 Pavilion DV9901TX
Pavilion DV9060US Pavilion DV9332XX Pavilion DV9603AU Pavilion DV9744 Pavilion DV9903CA
Pavilion DV9061EA Pavilion DV9334 Pavilion DV9604 Pavilion DV9745 Pavilion DV9904CA
Pavilion DV9064EA Pavilion DV9335 Pavilion DV9604TX Pavilion DV9745EF Pavilion DV9905EL
Pavilion DV9065EA Pavilion DV9335XX Pavilion DV9605 Pavilion DV9745EL Pavilion DV9907CA
Pavilion DV9066EA Pavilion DV9337 Pavilion DV9605EM Pavilion DV9745TX Pavilion DV9908CA
Pavilion DV9067EA Pavilion DV9338 Pavilion DV9605TX Pavilion DV9746 Pavilion DV9910CA
Pavilion DV9068EA Pavilion DV9339 Pavilion DV9606 Pavilion DV9747 Pavilion DV9910US
Pavilion DV9069EA Pavilion DV9340 Pavilion DV9607 Pavilion DV9747TX Pavilion DV9912NR
Pavilion DV9072EA Pavilion DV9341 Pavilion DV9607XX Pavilion DV9748 Pavilion DV9913CL
Pavilion DV9073EA Pavilion DV9342 Pavilion DV9608 Pavilion DV9748CA Pavilion DV9917CL
Pavilion DV9074CL Pavilion DV9342XX Pavilion DV9608EA Pavilion DV9749 Pavilion DV9920US
Pavilion DV9074EA Pavilion DV9343 Pavilion DV9609 Pavilion DV9749EF Pavilion DV9922US
Pavilion DV9075EA Pavilion DV9344 Pavilion DV9609TX Pavilion DV9750 Pavilion DV9924CA
Pavilion DV9075EU Pavilion DV9344XX Pavilion DV9610 Pavilion DV9750EJ Pavilion DV9925EB
Pavilion DV9075LA Pavilion DV9345 Pavilion DV9610CA Pavilion DV9750EL Pavilion DV9925NR
Pavilion DV9075XX Pavilion DV9345EU Pavilion DV9610EB Pavilion DV9750EP Pavilion DV9927CL
Pavilion DV9076EA Pavilion DV9346 Pavilion DV9610EF Pavilion DV9750EZ Pavilion DV9930EB
Pavilion DV9077EA Pavilion DV9346EU Pavilion DV9612 Pavilion DV9751 Pavilion DV9930US
Pavilion DV9078EA Pavilion DV9347 Pavilion DV9612TX Pavilion DV9751EF Pavilion DV9933CA
Pavilion DV9079EA Pavilion DV9348 Pavilion DV9612XX Pavilion DV9751EO Pavilion DV9933CL
Pavilion DV9080EA Pavilion DV9348XX Pavilion DV9613 Pavilion DV9752 Pavilion DV9934CA
Pavilion DV9081EA Pavilion DV9350 Pavilion DV9614 Pavilion DV9753 Pavilion DV9935EB
Pavilion DV9082EA Pavilion DV9351 Pavilion DV9615 Pavilion DV9755 Pavilion DV9940
Pavilion DV9083EA Pavilion DV9351XX Pavilion DV9616 Pavilion DV9757 Pavilion DV9950
Pavilion DV9084EA Pavilion DV9361 Pavilion DV9617 Pavilion DV9757EO Pavilion DV9950EF
Pavilion DV9085EA Pavilion DV9362 Pavilion DV9618 Pavilion DV9758 Pavilion DV9950ES
Pavilion DV9086EA Pavilion DV9363 Pavilion DV9618TX Pavilion DV9760 Pavilion DV9970
Pavilion DV9087EA Pavilion DV9363XX Pavilion DV9620 Pavilion DV9760EL Pavilion DV9980
Pavilion DV9088EA Pavilion DV9372 Pavilion DV9620EB Pavilion DV9762 Pavilion DV9980EF
Pavilion DV9089EA Pavilion DV9373 Pavilion DV9620ET Pavilion DV9764 Presario V3000 Series
Pavilion DV9090EA Pavilion DV9374 Pavilion DV9623 Pavilion DV9765 Presario V3500 Series
Pavilion DV9091EA Pavilion DV9375 Pavilion DV9625 Pavilion DV9766 Presario V3906TX
Pavilion DV9092EA Pavilion DV9375XX Pavilion DV9625CA Pavilion DV9767 Presario V6000 Series
Pavilion DV9093EA

Wholesale & Retail.

Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. 

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases. 

Additional non-returnable items: 
- Gift cards 
- Downloadable software products 
- Some health and personal care items 

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer. 

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable) 
- Book with obvious signs of use 
- CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video game, cassette tape, or vinyl record that has been opened 
- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error 
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery 

Note: Return Policy is not applicable for Ink & Toner cartridges, Games if the seal is opened / broken / Tampered.

Refunds (if applicable) 
Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. 
If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days. 

Late or missing refunds (if applicable) 
If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. 
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. 
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. 
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at elivebuyind.in@gmail.com.

Sale items (if applicable) 
Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded. 

Exchanges or Refunds (if applicable) 
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at elivebuyind.in@gmail.com and send your item to:
#502&503 A-Block,
Chenoy Trade Center, Park Lane,
Kalasiguda, Secunderabad,
Pin-code: 500003

If the item was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you’ll receive a gift credit for the value of your return. Once the returned item is received, a gift certificate will be mailed to you. 

If the item wasn’t marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give to you later, we will send a refund to the gift giver and he will find out about your return. 


Local (Hyderabad City) - 1 Day - Rs.70
Standard - 3-8 Days  - Rs.70
Express - 3-5 Days - Rs.180

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. 

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary. 

If you are shipping an item over 500 INR, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.
Please get in touch with us on +917013839661 on whatsapp

 We can ship to Midde East , Africa and Asia