EliveBuyIND® 19.5V 6.15A 120W 5.52.5mm ADP-120HM D compatible with Delta Supply AC DC Adapter compatible with MSI GE60 GE70 Gaming Charger
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EliveBuyIND® 19.5V 6.15A 120W 5.52.5mm ADP-120HM D compatible with Delta Supply AC DC Adapter compatible with MSI GE60 GE70 Gaming Charger

  • Product SKU: ADP-MSI-GE60
  • Category: Chargers & Adapters
    • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
    • Output Voltage: 19.5V
    • Output Current: 6.15A (120W)
    • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
    • Color: Black
    • Warranty: 12 months for Original & 6 months for compatible. 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.
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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 6.15A (120W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original & 6 months for compatible. 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

ADP-120MH D, ADP-120TB B
A12-120P1A, A120A007L, A120A007L-CL02, A120A007L

FIT MODELS :(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)


D400J, D400S, D42EF, D430E, D4J, F57-D1T, F57-D4, GE60, GE70, GE70 APACHE, GP70, GS60 GHOST PRO-044, GS70 2OD-001US, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-037US, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-419XFR, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-420IT, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-438XFR, M570RU, M570TU, M571TU, M575U, M57RU, M57U, M57XTU, N150SC ENTERTAINMENT NOTEBOOK PRO-247, N155RD, N550RN, N551RC, N551RN, N850, N850EK, N850HC, N850HJ, N850HJ1, N850HK1, N850HN, N855EJ1, N855EK1, N855HC, N870HC, N870HJ1, N870HK1, N871EJ1, N871EK1, NB50TL, P55W, P640HJ, P640HK1, P640RE, P641HJ, P641HK1, P641RE, P650HP3, P650HP3-G, P650HS-G, P650RA, P650RE3, P650RE3-G, P650RE6, P650RE6-G, P650RG, P650RG-G, P650RS-G, P650SA, P650SE, P650SG, P651HP6-G, P651R, P651RA, P651RE3, P651RE3-G, P651RE6, P651RE6-G, P655HP6-G, P655RA, P655RASEE, P655RE3, P655RE3-G, P670RA, P670RG, P671RA, P671RG, P950EP6, P950ER, P950HP6, P950HR, P955EP6, P955ER, P957HP6, P957HR, W130HX Series, W150DAQ, W150ER, W150ERM, W150ERQ, W150Ex, W150EX Series, W150HN, W150HNM, W150HNQ, W150HR, W150HRM, W150HRQ, W170ER, W170HN, W170HR, W230, W230SD, W230SS, W230ST, W350, W350ET, W350ETQ, W355, W355SS, W355SSQ, W355ST, W355STQ, W370ET, W370S, W370SS, W370ST, W650DC, W650KJ1, W650KK1, W650KL, W650RB, W650RC, W650RN, W650RZ, W650RZ1, W650SB, W650SC, W650SF, W650SH, W650SJ, W650SR, W650SZ, W651 Series, W651DC, W651KJ1, W651KK1, W651RB, W651RC, W651RN, W651RZ, W651RZ1, W651SB, W651SC, W651SF, W651SJ, W651SZ, W655, W655 Series, W655RB, W655RC, W655RC1, W655RN, W655RZ, W655RZ1, W655SB, W655SC, W655SF, W655SJ, W670, W670 Series, W670RBQ, W670RBQ1, W670RCQ, W670RCQ1, W670RCW, W670RCW1, W670RNQ, W670RNQ1, W670RZQ, W670RZQ1, W670RZW, W670SBQ, W670SBQ1, W670SCQ, W670SCQ1, W670SFQ, W670SFQ1, W670SJQ, W670SJQ1, W670SR, W670SRQ, W670SZQ, W670SZQ1, WA50, WA50 Series, WA50SBQ, WA50SCQ, WA50SFQ, WA50SJQ

Msi :

Battalion 101 W670SJQ


GL72 7QF-893TW

PE70 6QE-035US
CX62 2QD-253TW GE72 6QD Apache Pro GP60 PE70 6QE-055XUS
CX62 2QD-266MY GE72 7RE GP62 2QE-017TW PE70 6QE-058US
CX62 2QD-276XFR GE72VR GP62 2QE-215XCN PE70 6QE-092TW
CX62 2QD-287XES GF62 7RE-1452US GP62 2QE-218XCN PE70 6QE-453NL
CX62 2QD-292UK GF62 7RE-2025 GP62 2QE-275XCN PL62 7RC-005CN
CX62 6QD-047US GF62 7RE-2025US GP62 6QE-1236TW PL62 7RC-029
CX62 6QD-086MY GF62 7RE-2096US GP62 6QE-1290JP PL62 7RC-034AU
CX62 6QD-099AU GF63 GP62 6QE-458AU PL62 7RC-051XES
CX62 6QD-201XAU GF63 9SC GP62 6QE-648MY PL62 7RC-093
CX62 6QD-228XCO GF63 9SC-088CN GP62 6QE-817 PL62 7RC-210
CX62 6QD-234XTR GF63 9SC-089CN GP62 6QF-1204AU PL62 7RC-214ZA
CX62 6QD-240XES GF63 Thin 9SC GP62 6QF-1239FR PL62 7RC-267XES
CX62 6QD-241XES GF63 THIN 9SC-088CN GP62 6QF-1462CN PL62 7RC-270XIN
CX62 6QD-248XFR GF63 THIN 9SC-089CN GP62 6QF-602XTH PrestigePX60-6QE
CX62 6QD-249XFR GL62 6QC-640MY GP62 6QF-847TW PX60 2QD-037RU
CX62 6QD-258TW GL62 6QD-003FR GP72 2QE-012TH PX60 2QD-044CZ
CX62 6QD-269MY GL62 6QD-015NE GP72 2QE-023AU PX60 2QD-045MY
CX62 6QD-283PH GL62 6QD-025FR GP72 2QE-027US PX60 2QD-049UK
CX62 6QD-284XTH GL62 6QD-035XCZ GP72 2QE-044US PX60 2QD-075XES
CX62 6QD-291XVN GL62 6QD-058XTH GP72 2QE-059NL PX60 6QD-031UK
CX62 6QD-412PH GL62 6QE-1223XVN GP72 2QE-066TW PX60 6QD-039CZ
CX62 6QD-418ZA GL62 6QE-1256MY GP72 6QE-043JP PX60 6QD-042ES
CX62 6QD-452XAU GL62 6QE-1407X GP72 6QE-068TW PX60 6QE-254NL
CX62 6QD-453AU GL62 6QE-1428SG GP72 6QE-091TW PX60 6QE-463
CX62 6QD-457CA GL62 6QE-1804CZ GP72 6QE-265AU PX60 6QE-620AU
CX62 6QD-462XPT GL62 6QE-1827PH GP72 6QE-426TH PX60-2QDi716H11
CX62 6QD-608XPH GL62 6QE-638IT GP72 6QE-461UK PX60-2QDi781
CX72 6QD-047RU GL62 6QE-845AU GP72 6QF-295NE WE62 7RI-1861US
CX72 6QD-050FR GL62 6QE-859TW GP72 6QF-465AU WE62 7RI-1862US
CX72 6QD-059IT GL62 6QF-1213US GP72 6QF-483TW WE62 7RI-1878TW
CX72 6QD-061AU GL62 6QF-1226US GP72 6QF-626UK WE62 7RI-1880RU
CX72 6QD-062AU GL62 6QF-1277US GS60 WE62 7RI-1891XES
CX72 6QD-083ZA GL62 6QF-1278US GS60 2PC WE62 7RI-2002FR
CX72 6QD-090TW GL62 6QF-1446US GS60 2PL WE62 7RI-2007XES
CX72 6QD-091TW GL62 6QF-1469CA GS60 2QD WE62 7RI-2019TH
CX72 6QD-208US GL62 6QF-622FR GS60 2QE WE62 7RI-2022TW
CX72 6QD-218AU GL62 6QF-632NL GS60 2QE-010US WE62 7RJ-1833US
CX72 6QD-231XES GL62 6QF-635NL GS60 2QE-026CZ WE62 7RJ-1836FR
GE60 GL62 6QF-636BE GS60 2QE-049TW WE62 7RJ-1838CA
GE60 20C GL62 6QF-637IT GS60 2QE-050TW WE62 7RJ-1849TW
GE60 2OD-247US GL62 7RD GS60 2QE-098CZ WE62 7RJ-1875AU
GE60 2OD-267XPL GL62 7RD-625 GS60 2QE-237US WE62 7RJ-1889CA
GE60 2OE GL62M GS60 6QE WE62 7RJ-1895XT
GE60 2OE 2PE GL62M 7RC GS63VR WE62 7RJ-2006XES
GE60 2OE-003US GL62M 7RC-040TW GS70 20D-409UK WE62 7RJ-2018NE
GE60 2PC GL62M 7RC-042XTR GS70 2OD WE72 7RJ-1032US
GE60 2PC-072XCZ GL62M 7RC-0851M GS70 2OD-001US WE72 7RJ-1035FR
GE60 2PC-097MY GL62M 7RC-200XIN GS70 2OD-002US WE72 7RJ-1037CA
GE60 2PC-655XPL GL62M 7RC-201TW GS70 2OD-005BE WE72 7RJ-1038TW
GE60 2PE GL62M 7RC-219TW GS70 2OD-012AU WE72 7RJ-1039
GE60 2PE-215US GL62M 7RC-223PH GS70 2OD-014RU WE72 7RJ-1040XES
GE60 2PF GL62M 7RC-230TW GS70 2OD-054NL WE72 7RJ-1041AU
GE60 2PG GL62M 7RC-246XTR GS70 2PC WE72 7RJ-1050JP
GE60 2PL-094 GL62M 7RC-258XHU GS70 2QC WE72 7RJ-1067RU
GE60 2PL-094FR GL62M 7RD GS70 2QE WE72 7RJ-1075TW
GE60 2PL-207TH GL62M 7RD-032US GS70 2QE-059FR WE72 7RJ-1080CAA
GE60 2QE-1042XPL GL62M 7RD-054 GS70 2QE-225UK WE72 7RJ-1083US
GE60K GL62M 7RD-056 GS70 2QE-645FR WE72 7RJ-1099XES
GE62 GL62M 7RD-056US GS70 2QE81 WS60 2OJ 3K-004US
GE62 2QC GL62M 7RD-058 GS70 6QC WS60 2OJ 4K-061US
GE62 2QD-453US GL62M 7RD-058US GS73VR WS60 2OJ 6QI 6QJ
GE62 2QE-034NE GL62M 7RD-077 GV62 7RC WS60 2OJ-004US
GE62 2QE-035NL GL62M 7RD-089MY GV62 7RC-025XTR WS60 2OJ-006US
GE62 2QE-036BE GL62M 7RD-1010JP GV62 7RC-058XTH WS60 2OJ-007US
GE62 2QE-044CZ GL62M 7RD-223CN GV62 7RC-224UK WS60 2OJ-095AU
GE62 2QF GL62M 7RD-224CN GV62 7RC-225UK WS60 2OJ-097AU
GE62 2QL GL62M 7RD-256 GV62 7RC-235TW WS60 6QI-001US
GE62 6QC GL62M 7RD-265 GV62 7RC-415PH WS60 6QI-237US
GE62 6QC-015IT GL62M 7RD-265US M57TU WS60 6QI-246US
GE62 6QC-016NE GL62M 7RD-412CN M57X WS60 6QJ-022US
GE62 6QC-017IT GL62M 7RD-429XES MS-16GH WS60 6QJ-024
GE62 6QC-018NL GL62M 7RD-625 MS-16J6 WS60 6QJ-025
GE62 6QC-020XPL GL62M 7RD-625US N155SC WS60 6QJ-084UK
GE62 6QC-024JP GL62M 7RDX N155SD WS60 6QJ-258
GE62 6QC-028FR GL62M 7RDX-1096 PE60 WS60 6QJ-430
GE62 6QC-030UK GL62M 7RDX-1408 PE60 2QE WS60 6QJ-610UK
GE62 6QC-095CZ GL62M 7RDX-1427CA PE60 2QE-044XCN WS60 6QJ-638US
GE62 6QC-205MY GL62M 7RDX-1645 PE60 2QE-047NL WS60 6TH GEN
GE62 6QD-001IT GL62M 7RDX-1646 PE60 2QE-070US WS60 7RJ-675US
GE62 6QD-005NE GL62M 7RDX-2027 PE60 2QE-205UK WS60 WT60 WT70
GE62 6QD-041US GL62M 7RDX-2070 PE60 2QE-238US WS72 6QH-045JP
GE62 6QD-274US GL62M 7RDX-NE1050i5 PE60 2QE-243TW WS72 6QH-203RU
GE62 6QF GL62M 7RDX-NE1050i7 PE60 2QE-403XES WS72 6QH-204RU
GE62 6QF-004FR GL62M 7RE

PE60 2QE-656TW

WS72 6QI-025AE
GE62 6QF-005ES GL62M 7RE-406 PE60 2QE-657XTH WS72 6QI-026US
GE62 6QF-006XFR GL62M 7RE-407 PE60 6QD-085TW WS72 6QI-213XES
GE62 6QF-007UK GL62M 7RE-623 PE60 6QD-094XRU WS72 6QI-218US
GE62 6QF-011XPL GL62M 7RE-624 PE60 6QD-200XES WS72 6QJ-007US
GE62 6QF-012CZ GL72 6QE-1016CZ PE60 6QD-202XPT WS72 6QJ-008US
GE62 6QF-023TH GL72 6QE-1020XPL PE60 6QD-216ID WS72 6QJ-018AU
GE62 6QF-044CZ GL72 6QE-1025TR PE60 6QD-256IT WS72 6QJ-019AU
GE62 6QF-067AU GL72 6QE-1027XTR PE60 6QD-424XRU WS72 6QJ-020AE
GE62 6QF-074US GL72 6QE-1028XTR PE60 6QD-476XPL WS72 6QJ-026US
GE62 6QF-261UK GL72 6QE-497TW PE60 6QD-498 WS72 6QJ-033JP
GE62 6QL GL72 6QE-646UK PE60 6QE-031US WS72 6QJ-034JP
GE620 GL72 6QE-861TW PE60 6QE-054US WS72 6QJ-054KH
GE620DX GL72 6QF-404XCN PE60 6QE-059TW WS72 6QJ-057CA
GE62VR GL72 6QF-407NL PE60 6QE-062US WS72 6QJ-064IT
GE70 GL72 6QF-410NL PE60 6QE-1267 WS72 6QJ-066TW
GE70 0NC GL72 6QF-429FR PE60 6QE-238XCN WS72 6QJ-075TW
GE70 0ND GL72 6QF-472FR PE60 6QE-240PH WS72 6QJ-090SP
GE70 2OC-081US GL72 6QF-480AU PE60 6QE-491XCN WS72 6QJ-091SP
GE70 2OD GL72 6QF-485TW PE60 6QE-822TW WS72 6QJ-092IR
GE70 2OE GL72 6QF-800FR PE60-2QEi581 WS72 6QJ-095TH
GE70 2OE-017US GL72 6QF-836PH PE62 WS72 6QJ-099RU
GE70 2PC GL72 7QF PE70 2QE-049XCN WS72 6QJ-200RU
GE70 2PC-006FR GL72 7QF-1006 PE70 2QE-091TW WS72 6QJ-206JP
GE70 2PC-018NL GL72 7QF-1007UK PE70 2QE-097TH WS72 6QJ-208KR
GE70 2PE GL72 7QF-1008UK PE70 2QE-214US WS72 6QJ-209SG
GE70 2PE-002RU GL72 7QF-1031XFR PE70 6QD WS72 6QJ-210UK
GE70 2PE-031XFR GL72 7QF-1043RU PE70 6QD-060TW WS72 6QJ-212ES
GE70 2PL GL72 7QF-1044XRU PE70 6QD-203IT WS72 6QJ-217US
GE70 2QD-834XPL GL72 7QF-1057 PE70 6QD-246RU WS72 6QJ-218US
GE70 2QE-681US GL72 7QF-1670UK PE70 6QD-283XPL WS72 6TH GEN

F57, N550RC, F57-D3, F57-D1, F57-D2, F57-D5R, F117-B6D, F117-B2CK, F117-F1K, F117-Break, F117-B1, F117-B6Cp, F117-F, F117-B, F117-B6, F117-B3, F117-F57
K650D, Z6-i78154R2, Z7M-CU5 NB
Terrans force
Sabre 15-K8

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