Acer Aspire V3 5741 5742 5750 5551G 5560G 5741G 5742G 5750G AS10D31 Replacement Laptop Battery
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Acer Aspire V3 5741 5742 5750 5551G 5560G 5741G 5742G 5750G AS10D31 Replacement Laptop Battery

  • Product SKU: BAT-ACER-As07a31-05
  • Category: Acer Batteries, ALL, Laptop Batteries
  • Product Description :
    • Battery rating: 11.1V
    • Battery capacity: (49Wh)
    • Type: rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery
    • Battery color: Black
    • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
    • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles over.
    • Warranty: 6 months for compatible.
    • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.
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Product Description :
  • Battery rating: 11.1V
  • Battery capacity: (49Wh)
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles over.
  • Warranty: 6 months for compatible.
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.
Compatible Part Numbers :
  • 076-7986127
  • 31CR19/652
  • 31CR19/65-2
  • 31CR19/66-2
  • 31CR19-652
  • 31CR19-65-2
  • 31CR19-66-2
  • 934T2078F
  • 934T2079F
  • AK.006BT.075
  • AK.006BT.080
  • AS10D
  • AS10D31
  • AS10D3E
  • AS10D41
  • AS10D51
  • AS10D56
  • AS10D5E
  • AS10D61
  • AS10D71
  • AS10D73
  • AS10D75
  • AS10D81
  • AS10G31
  • AS10G3E
  • BT.00603.111
  • BT.00603.117
  • BT.00603.124
  • BT.00603.129
  • BT.00604.049
  • BT.00605.062
  • BT.00605.065
  • BT.00605.072
  • BT.00605.072M
  • BT.00606.008
  • BT.00607.125
  • BT.00607.126
  • BT.00607.127
  • BT.00607.130
  • BT.0060G.001
  • LC.BTP00.12
  • LC.BTP00.123
  • LC.BTP00.127
  • LC.BTP0A.015
FIT MODELS :(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)

4752G Series

Aspire 5349-2164

Aspire E1-471G

TravelMate 5742G-5464G32N
AS4551 Series Aspire 5349-2899 Aspire E1-531-20206G75MNKS TravelMate 5742TG SERIES
AS4551-2615 Aspire 5349-B813G32MNKK Aspire E1-531-4697 TravelMate 5742-X742DF
AS4551-4315 Aspire 5541G-304G64MN Aspire E1-531-B812G50MNKS TravelMate 5742ZG series
AS5741-332G25Mn Aspire 5551G-N834G50MN Aspire E1-531-B964G75MNKS TravelMate 5742Z-P622G32MNSS
AS5741-333G32Mn Aspire 5551-N332G32MN Aspire E1-571G TravelMate 5744-6494
AS5741-334G32Mn Aspire 5551-P323G32MN Aspire E1-771-33114G50Mnii TravelMate 5744G SERIES
AS5741-334G50Mn Aspire 5552-5498 Aspire E1-772G TravelMate 5744Z SERIES
AS5741-433G32Mn Aspire 5552G-P324G32MNKK Aspire E1-772G 54208G1TMnsk TravelMate 5749-6863
AS5741-434G50Mn Aspire 5552-P322G50MN Aspire G730Z TravelMate 5760-2312G50MIBK
AS5741-6073 Aspire 5552TG SERIES Aspire V3 Series TravelMate 5760G SERIES
AS5741G Series Aspire 5552Z SERIES Aspire V3-471G-32354G32MA TravelMate 5760Z SERIES
AS5741G-333G32Bn Aspire 5552ZG SERIES Aspire V3-471G-52456G75MAKK TravelMate 5760ZG SERIES
AS5741G-334G50Mn Aspire 5560G-63424G50Mnkk Aspire V3-471G-9468 TravelMate 6495 SERIES
AS5741G-334G64Mn Aspire 5560T SERIES Aspire V3-551-7424 TravelMate 6495G SERIES
AS5741G-434G64Bn Aspire 5560Z SERIES Aspire V3-551-8823 TravelMate 6495T SERIES
AS5741-H54D/SF Aspire 5560ZG SERIES Aspire V3-551G-84508G50Mail TravelMate 6495TG SERIES
Aspire 4250G SERIES Aspire 571-52452G50MAII Aspire V3-551G-X888 TravelMate 6595 SERIES
Aspire 4250Z SERIES Aspire 5733-374G50MIKK Aspire V3-571-6234 TravelMate 6595G SERIES
Aspire 4251G SERIES Aspire 5733-6463 Aspire V3-571-6636 TravelMate 6595T
Aspire 4251Z SERIES Aspire 5733-6850 Aspire V3-571-6884 TravelMate 6595T SERIES
Aspire 4252G SERIES Aspire 5733G SERIES Aspire V3-571G-3232 TravelMate 6595TG SERIES
Aspire 4252Z SERIES Aspire 5733Z-4613 Aspire V3-571G-52458G1TMAKK TravelMate 7340G SERIES
Aspire 4253-BZ475 Aspire 5736G SERIES Aspire V3-571G-53218G75MAII TravelMate 7740-354G32MN
Aspire 4253-BZ829 Aspire 5736Z-452G25MNKK Aspire V3-571G-73616G50MAKK TravelMate 7740-6199
Aspire 4253Z SERIES Aspire 5736ZG SERIES Aspire V3-571G-9664 TravelMate 7740G-354G50MNSS
Aspire 4333Z SERIES Aspire 5741-333G25MN Aspire V3-771G-3232 TravelMate 7740G-5454G25MNSS
Aspire 4339Z SERIES Aspire 5741-352G50MN Aspire V3-771G-53216G50BDCAII TravelMate 7740G-5564G64MNSS
Aspire 4349Z SERIES Aspire 5741G-354G50MNKK Aspire V3-771G-6443 TravelMate 7750-2334G32MISS
Aspire 4551 Series Aspire 5741G-438G64MN Aspire V3-771G-73638G75MAKK TravelMate 7750Z SERIES
Aspire 4551-2346 Aspire 5741TG SERIES Aspire V3-771G-9804 TravelMate 7750ZG SERIES
Aspire 4551G Series Aspire 5741ZG-P603G50MN Aspire V3-772G-6468 TravelMate 8472-374G50MN
Aspire 4551G-P323G25MI Aspire 5742-454G64MNKK Aspire V3-772G-747a4G75Makk TravelMate 8472TG-5452G50
Aspire 4551P SERIES Aspire 5742-6458 Aspire V3-772G-9646 TravelMate 8472Z SERIES
Aspire 4552-3583 Aspire 5742-6798 AspireAS7741 Series TravelMate 8472ZG SERIES

Aspire 4552Z SERIES

Aspire 5742TG SERIES E1-471G Series TravelMate 8473 series
Aspire 4625G SERIES Aspire 5742Z-4183 E1-471G-33114G50Mnks TravelMate 8473G series
Aspire 4733G SERIES Aspire 5742Z-P613G25MNCC E1-471G-53214G50Mnks TravelMate 8473T series
Aspire 4733Z-4348 Aspire 5742Z-P624G32MN E1-471G-53234G50Mnks TravelMate 8473TG series
Aspire 4733ZG SERIES Aspire 5749-2336G75MIKK GATEWAY NV49xx TravelMate 8572-524G50MNKK
Aspire 4738-6605 Aspire 5750-2416G50MNKK Gateway NV53A TravelMate 8572-6592
Aspire 4738-7194 Aspire 5750G-2313G32MIKK LX.RPV02.051 TravelMate 8572G-434G50MNKK
Aspire 4738Z-4111 Aspire 5750G-2456 TM4740-7552 TravelMate 8572G-620064N
Aspire 4738ZG-P622G32MNKK Aspire 5750G-2636G75MIKK TM4740-7787 TravelMate 8572TG-434G50
Aspire 4739G SERIES Aspire 5750TG SERIES TM5740-332G16Mn TravelMate 8572Z SERIES
Aspire 4739ZG SERIES Aspire 5750Z-4838 TM5740-332G25Mn TravelMate 8572ZG SERIES
Aspire 4741-5341 Aspire 5750ZG SERIES TM5740-333G25Mn TravelMate 8573 SERIES
Aspire 4741G Series Aspire 5755 Series TM5740-5896 TravelMate 8573G SERIES
Aspire 4741G-332G32MNSK Aspire 5755-2312G64MNRS TM5740-6291 TravelMate 8573T SERIES
Aspire 4741T SERIES Aspire 5755-6482 TM5740G-334G32Mn TravelMate 8573TG SERIES
Aspire 4741TG SERIES Aspire 5755G-2314G64MNCS TravelMate 4370G SERIES TravelMate P243 Series
Aspire 4741Z-601G32L Aspire 5755G-2414G64MNBS TravelMate 4700 TravelMate P243G-53214G32MAKK
Aspire 4743-6613 Aspire 5755G-2418G1TMNKS TravelMate 4740 432G50Mna TravelMate P243-M-53212G50MAKK
Aspire 4743ZG SERIES Aspire 5755G-2436G75MN TravelMate 4740 5452G50Mnssb TravelMate P243-M-6862
Aspire 4750-6419 Aspire 5755G-2634G1TBNCS TravelMate 4740 5462G50Mnss02 TravelMate P273-M-32344G50MNKS
Aspire 4750-6642 Aspire 5755G-2636G50MNKS TravelMate 4740-352G25MN TravelMate P273-MG-6608
Aspire 4750-6887 Aspire 5755G-2638G75MNBS TravelMate 4740-523G32MNSS TravelMate P453MG
Aspire 4750G-2632G75Mnkk Aspire 5755G-2678G64MN TravelMate 4740-6887 TravelMate P643-MG-53214G75Mikk
Aspire 4750G-2634G64Mnkk Aspire 5755Z SERIES TravelMate 4740G-353G25MISS TravelMate P643-V-6424
Aspire 4750Z SERIES Aspire 5755ZG SERIES TravelMate 4740T SERIES TravelMate P653V
Aspire 4750ZG SERIES Aspire 7551G-N934G50BIKK TravelMate 4740TG SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 6495 SERIES
Aspire 4752-6403 Aspire 7551G-P523G25MI TravelMate 4740Z-4310 TravelMate TIMELINEX 6495G SERIES
Aspire 4752-6600 Aspire 7551Z SERIES TravelMate 4740ZG SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 6495T SERIES
Aspire 4752-6682 Aspire 7551ZG SERIES TravelMate 4750G SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 6495TG SERIES
Aspire 4752-6885 Aspire 7552Z SERIES TravelMate 4750TG SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 6595 SERIES
Aspire 4752Z-4678 Aspire 7560-4333G32MNKK TravelMate 4750Z SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 6595G SERIES
Aspire 4755G-2434G75MI Aspire 7560-7808 TravelMate 4750ZG SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 6595T SERIES
Aspire 4755T SERIES Aspire 7560G-6344G75MNKK TravelMate 5335G SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 6595TG SERIES
Aspire 4755Z SERIES Aspire 771G-53214G75MAKK TravelMate 5335-T351G16MNSS TravelMate TimelineX 8473 series
Aspire 4755ZG SERIES Aspire 7741G-374G50MN TravelMate 5335Z SERIES TravelMate TimelineX 8473G series
Aspire 4771 Series Aspire 7741G-4633 TravelMate 5335ZG SERIES TravelMate TimelineX 8473T series
Aspire 4771G Series Aspire 7741G-5731 TravelMate 5340G SERIES TravelMate TimelineX 8473TG series
Aspire 4771Z SERIES Aspire 7741TG SERIES TravelMate 5542Z SERIES TravelMate TimelineX 8572T
Aspire 5250-0808 Aspire 7741Z-4806 TravelMate 5542ZG SERIES TravelMate TimelineX 8572TG
Aspire 5250-E304G75MN Aspire 7750-6438 TravelMate 5735-653G32MNSS TravelMate TIMELINEX 8573 SERIES
Aspire 5250G SERIES Aspire 7750G-2638G1.28TBNKK TravelMate 5735G SERIES TravelMate TIMELINEX 8573G SERIES
Aspire 5251G SERIES Aspire 7750G-9621 TravelMate 5740-354G32MN TravelMate TIMELINEX 8573T SERIES
Aspire 5252G SERIES Aspire 7750Z TravelMate 5740-5925 TravelMate TIMELINEX 8573TG SERIES
Aspire 5252ZG SERIES Aspire 7751G-N833G25MI TravelMate 5740TG SERIES TravelMate TM5740 X322DPF
Aspire 5253-0681 Aspire 8572TG TravelMate 5740-X522PF TravelMate TM5740-X322D
Aspire 5253G-E353G25MIKK Aspire AS5253-C52G32MNKK TravelMate 5740ZG SERIES TravelMate TM5740-X522HBF
Aspire 5333G SERIES Aspire AS5741G-334G64MN TravelMate 5742 5562G50Mnss01

TravelMateTM5742 X742HBF

Aspire 5336-2363 Aspire E1-421-3434 TravelMate 5742-382G32MN TTM5740-333G32Mn
Aspire 5336-901G32MN Aspire E1-431-B812G50MNKS TravelMate 5742-6458 V3-471G-53214G75Madd
Aspire 5336G SERIES Aspire E1-451G TravelMate 5742-7295 V3-551G Series
Aspire 5336T SERIES Aspire E1-471-6830 TravelMate 5742G-5464G32MNSS V3-571G Series

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